Mamador Kitchen Makeover promo

  • mamador-kitchen-makeover-promo
     Three Brand New Kitchens and other exciting prizes worth 25 Million Naira can be yours in the Mamador Kitchen Makeover Promo. Exciting, right?

    This year's National Consumer Promo is designed to reward customers with a kitchen makeover every month for the next three months. Watch  the video below to learn more

    >>Click here to watch the mamador promo video tutor

                                               PRIZES TO BE WON! 

                                                    HOW TO PARTICIPATE 
    • Purchase Mamador 3.5L or 2.5L cooking oil specially marked with promotion message/ label. You will notice a scratch panel as below:
      3.5L pack of Mamador = 5 stars
      2.5L pack of Mamador = 3 stars
    • Scratch the panel to reveal the unique PIN and send the PIN to 20822 in this format: Mamador Unique Pin.
    • Any valid PIN gives both Free Airtime and Stars or Stars ONLY to qualify you for the Monthly E-raffle Draw which takes place at the end of every 30-day cycle.

      The text message will cost N10 and you’ll get an auto-response informing you of your Instant Prize – Airtime & Stars earned or Stars only earned for the Monthly Raffle Draw - which you can enter as many times as you like!

      You MUST earn a minimum of 6 STARS per month on the same number which is equivalent to One Entry on order to participate in the Monthly E-Raffle Draw where you stand a chance of winning one of 3 KITCHEN MAKEOVERS and KITCHEN ITEMS WORTH N25m in 3 months!

      >>Terms and conditions applied

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