Infinix Golden Season Ultimate Fans Costume Contest


The world cup is finally here! Are you ready to battle!

The greatest battles are set to happen in Russia! And like Spartans we march to glory in support of our teams. But no so fast!

Do you have what it takes to be among the best Ultimate Fans?Are you ready to battle and come out victorious?

Show us you have what it takes by participating in the Golden Season Ultimate Fans Costume Challenge.

STEP 1: Battle it out by showing your support for your favorite team by taking a picture of you in your favorite team costume.

Steps to Participate
1. Represent your favorite world cup team wearing your team costume.
2. Take a picture of yourself in the costume
3. Post the picture on the thread below using the caption #ULTIMATE GOLDEN FAN

N.B: You are required to express yourself as you show support in the most creative way through your costume (No frowning 100%)

1. The 10 most creative and expressive fans will be chosen as Winners
2. The Winners of the Ultimate fans costume will be announced on the 15th July 2018.
3. Winners of this battle will 1000 Xgolds each

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